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Atakama is an algorithmic trading platform for commodities and FX. It connects the best trading strategies from bright quant developers with companies, institutions and retail investors.

Our customers

Hiring Quant Developers to create effective algorithmic trading software is expensive both in terms of time and budget. Its development requires highly skilled people in mathematics, statistics, computer science and in the financial markets. Some industries, such as agriculture or power have not yet embraced this technology. Atakama offers the possibility to easily access to highly effective strategies for a fraction of the cost of developing in-house. Plus, for large customers can buy the ownership of the algorithms, and get a consulting service from the developer. This is a very attractive solution for these companies since they can have their existing resources and expertise to implement and enhance tested highly effective strategies.

Our developers

Developers code their investment strategies in Atakama’s platform using a robust engine developed totally in-house. There they can create and backtest their algorithms having access to all the necessary resources they may need. The data comprises news feeds, company fundamentals, macroeconomic indicators and price data coming from the exchanges. Once the algorithms are running and back-tested, Atakama runs a set of internal tests. The goal is to ensure that the strategies can outperform a set of benchmarks to ensure profitability and controlled risk.

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Our amazing team

Meet our amaizing team!

Blas Rodriguez Irizar

Back-End Developer

Holds a Msc. in Quantitative Finance. Has worked in several projects using Python and Rust. He is a passionate tech entrepreneur who loves making things happen.

Nicolas Calvo

Back-End Developer

Nicolas has sysadmin background for large companies, including Thomson Reuters. While studying a systems degree he found out his passion was being a developer. Since a few years ago he's been developing applications with in Python, C++ and databases.

Roberto Bravo

DevOps Engineer

Roberto Bravo holds BS in Computer Science, and he is a problem solver and fast learner. He has extensive experience in building cloud-based platforms using cutting-edge technologies with great focus on reliability and scalability. He is a security consultant with experience in several industry standards such as SOX and PCI DSS.

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